What does the ideal profile picture look like?

Of course there is no perfect profile photo for online dating and no infallible list of factors that ensure the picture is a hit. But there are some rules of thumb, to which one should adhere strictly – and a few that might prove helpful. Everything else is – like so much with love – a matter of preference.
The worst profile photo fails are prevented by the terms of use on most dating sites. They prohibit for example, profile pictures in which more than one person is to be seen, or ones in which no face is recognizable, nude photos, and pictures with children. Where such requirements exist, one must of course abide by them, but even if they don’t, these rules are sensible and increase your chances of success, so please no misguided experiments!
The photo quality should be fair and the so often neglected background should be taken into account – mirror selfies in a chaotic bedroom or dirty bathroom are not particularly attractive.
Of course, every single should try to look as good as possible within their limits. Choose a picture in which you show yourself from your best side, that also reflects reality. After all, you want to find someone who loves you the way you are!
The profile picture for online dating doesn’t just serve to show what you look like, but should also display your character, your interests and preferences. Are you the athletic type? Then choose a profile picture that shows you while hiking, skiing or at least in sports clothes. You’re more into culture and travel? Then introduce yourself with a picture with artwork, in an exotic setting or at a concert. Even the background, your outfit and your face reveals much more about you than just your appearance.
Upload as many pictures as possible (as much as the provider allows for), but at least have one picture that shows your head and shoulder and one full body shot. Pictures in which you are all dressed up in (men in suits, women in cocktail dress with ample makeup) should, if at all, only appear as one of many profile photos. Your main picture, should show you relaxed and natural.