What does a good online dating profile look like?

You could easily fill countless pages, entire books and even shelves with guides for a perfect online dating profile. To not go overboard, we will limit ourselves to the three most important tips:


Of course profiles of pretty young women are particularily popular and successful. That won’t do you much good though, if you’re a burly guy in his prime. Or an older, not quite as pretty woman. Stick to the truth in at least broad terms and at most embellish yourself with ellipsis and euphemisms. On your first date at the latest, the truth will come out.   


In online dating, there is no room for gaps. Fill out your profile as completely as possible. The more information you share, the more likely it is that you find other singles that suit you.

A good picture

Of course, your profile picture should show your good side. Just remember, that side should also exist in reality. Ergo: No older pictures in which you look younger, slimmer and better, no Photoshop. Instead make sure that the picture quality is good, that the background fits and that you appear relaxed and personable.