Should I reveal my real cellphone number when online dating?

Online dating often creates a sort of pseudo intimacy, where you feel like you know each other relatively well, maybe are even a teeny tiny bit in love, but are still dealing with a stranger that could turn out to be a freak on the first date. Should you hand such a person without a second thought your cell phone number? Or is it better to wait?

The safe thing is, of course, that all communication goes through the anonymized messaging system of the dating site. On the other hand, the entire purpose of online dating, is to open yourself up to another human being and in the long run to even fall in love and to share your life with him/her. There it seems somewhat paranoid to conceal your own phone number. Much more important is to not reveal any professional details and information about one’s family – they first of all don’t matter and secondly can be misused by scammers...the same thing can’t really be said about your phone number.