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Conclusion: Wow! On Academic Singles we got to know a lot of well educated single people (elite singles) in a short time. This excellent Australian dating service convinces with spot-on partner suggestions and solid features. Even with the odd usability issue this remains an excellent service. Our favourite site for meeting intellectual, ambitious and simply interesting singles in Australia.

Academic Singles at a glance:


  • Exceptionally high number of positive interactions with other elite singles
  • All-round premium product
  • Many members in Australia
  • User-friendly website
  • Best price-performance ratio


  • Subscription model with automatic renewal (however all dating services do this)
  • Insufficient price transparency (true for most dating services)

Our recommendation for more success

Our recommendation: Register for free and try Academic Singles. When you decide to continue using Academic Singles, you can take out a premium membership. As with other dating services, you will need a premium membership in order to communicate with other members.

Academic Singles numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 64 resulting conversations
  • 6 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio Academic Singles

Member statistics

55% Women

45% Men
Female ratio at Academic Singles

Suitability for Love

  • Popular among well educated singles
  • Part of a global dating company

Suitability for Love

Local activity in Australia

  • Members in Australia: 900.000
  • Search trend: 30.000

Activity grade in Australia

1. Academic Singles review: summary

The hope of finding love and a partner for life is a fundamental drive in all human beings. Nowadays it is commonplace in Australia, as it is around the world, to find a partner using online dating services. These services find prospective partners for you on the basis of personality tests.

Academic Singles is one of the best known elite dating sites in Australia. In the review below we examine how well Academic Singles really does and how it compares to the competition. Be sure of this: Academic Singles is in our opinion the best elite singles site in Australia.

Conclusion practical test:
The field test showed Academic Singles to be an exemplary dating service. According to the contact test an exceptionally high number of new contacts can be gained on Academic Singles fast and hassle-free. Members are well educated and very open to new contacts. Such good results could hardly be achieved anywhere else. Fantastic!
Conclusion functions and profiles:
The features are solid and do their job reliably. Perhaps the addition of some new innovative features would make the user experience that bit more entertaining. However because of the high quality and quantity of partner proposals, our overall opinions of Academic Singles are not diminished at all. The quality of the member profiles was excellent without exception. Very good!
Conclusion customer friendliness:

The usability and the design of Academic Singles are both excellent. Some minus points for a lack of transparency in customer service and procedures regarding membership termination. Still good.

Conclusion value for money: The price-performance ratio is probably the best for elite dating services in Australia. The all-round positive results from the contact test alone make Academic Singles worth every cent. And then there are the additional features and terrific partner suggestions. The price-performance ratio is more than alright!


2. Academic Singles practical test

With this review of academic singles for Australia we would like to give you in-depth insight into online dating services. To outsiders, it is not always easy know whether an elite singles service is good and what it can do better than the competition. That's why we have extensively tested Academic Singles for you.

For the comparison in Australia, two profiles were created, one female and one male. With these profiles, the free features were analysed. Next, we upgraded to a premium membership and the academic singles service was further tested. An essential component of our comparison is the contact test which weighs heavily in the overall assessment.

2.1 Academic Singles First Impression

Academic Singles makes a good first impression. The dating service is both professional and reputable. The page is not cluttered with numerous functional features and still manages to make you curious. The user is offered all the information that is needed in order to be able to engage in Academic Singles.

Picture: Academic Singles Australia: Find well educated sigles like you!

One piece of information which is not to be found before registering: How much does Academic Singles in Australia actually cost? Like with all other dating sites, the real cost of Academic Singles is hidden. Even in the General Terms and Conditions, we could not find prices. Although this is standard practice in the industry, in our eyes it is not transparent. It is the first drawback for Academic Singles. We'll disclose the cost here.

2.2 Academic Singles Contact Test

The contact test tells you how easily and quickly you can get to know other people on Academic Singles. The liveliness of an online dating service is absolutely critical for its functioning. Only if new contacts are actually made does a dating service really work. We have subjected Academic Singles to the contact test. The result is called the success rate.

Test results on Academic Singles

30-day Contact Test on Academic Singles

>> passive contact requests: 31

  • standard greetings: 0
  • personal messages: 31

>> active contact requests: 50

  • standard greetings: 0
  • to which positive replies received: 0
  • personal messages: 50
  • to which positive replies received: 33

Success rate: 64 from 100 points
(premium membership)

31 contact requests plus 33 positive responses to contact attempts

How does the contact test work?

  • The test takes place over a period of one month (30 days from the creation of the premium membership profile)
  • During this period, the number of successful contacts is counted.
  • 50 contact attempts (messages/greetings) will be made and up to 50 will be counted if received.
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts are automatically counted as a successful contact.
  • Outgoing (active) contact attempts only count as a successful contact if a positive response (a response that encourages you to continue the conversation) follows.
  • A maximum of 50 points can be awarded for successful incoming contacts, and 50 for successful outgoing contacts.
  • The result is denoted as x out of 100 points. For example: 60 successful contacts out of 100 attempts results in a score of 60/100.
Conclusion Academic Singles practical test: The practical evaluation is determined to a large extent by the result of the contact tests and this has resulted in an extraordinarily good result. The dating service works very well - you get to know new people easily and quickly. The success rate for Academic Singles was 64/100 points. Almost 2 out of 3 contact attempts were successful!


3. Academic Singles functions and Academic Singles profiles

3.1 How does Academic Singles work?

Step 1

Immediately after registration you are directed to a personality test. The test takes about 15 minutes to complete. It asks various questions about one’s ideas, interests and preferences. We think that Academic Singles has done a fine job of creating a very user-friendly way to answer questions needed to find out about your personality.

Following the personality test you will have to come up with a personal welcome message. Think up a nice and attractive message. This message will be visible to other users.

Picture: Part of the Academic Singles personality test

Picture: It is definitely recommend to answer the questions in an honest way. It works!

Step 2

Your profile should now be complete. Filling out the information to create your profile is childishly simple, even fun. Unlike with many other dating services, at Academic Singles you do not need to wreck your head filling out text fields. Academic Singles keeps it simple by offering response options that you can select. Very good!

Picture: Many possibilities to complete and to enrich your profile

Picture: Academic Singles user profile

Step 3

On your personal homepage, your first prospective partners are already waiting. A seemingly endless list of matches is presented to you here. The suggestions are based on the results of personality tests of users. The Academic-Singles-index is a computer algorithm that indicates how well prospective partners match your profile. It is advisable to sort the list according to the Academic-Singles-index to see best matching users on top.

The partner proposals can of course also be sorted according to other criteria. The search can be adjusted manually to refine or broaden your partner selection.

Picture: Academic Singles partner suggestions

Picture: Compatibility graphs on Academic Singles

Step 4

Next, suggested partners can be contacted. It makes little sense to wait to be contacted. Messaging is the only way to get in touch at Academic Singles. This is without doubt the most important communication tool as well as being our method of choice to engage in conversations. One thing we felt was missing was a greeting "smile", "poke" or the like. Yet ultimately all you really need to communicate properly is a messaging function. This basic but solid messaging functionality fits in this respect with the minimalist style of Academic Singles.

3.2 Quality of the Profiles on Academic Singles

We encountered very few fake profiles on Academic Singles. Academic Singles seems to monitor users effectively in this regard. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify your own profile. Other dating sites offer voice, video or ID verification to this end. Confirmed profiles are then marked so that other users can be sure of someone´s identity. This creates trust and increases contact opportunities. Hopefully, Academic Singles will fill this gap somehow soon.

It is noticeable that some profiles do not have a picture. This does not mean that this is a bad profile, but it doesn’t help the matchmaking either.

  • Complete your profile. The more you write about yourself, the higher your chances of making contact. Your profile provides the starting point for those interested and a complete profile will ease up the conversation.
  • Upload as many pictures of yourself as possible. Pictures allow others to form an image of you quickly. Don’t be shy! You’ll see and meet each other at some point anyway.
Conclusion Academic Singles functions and profiles: Academic Singles Australia does not shock with innovative features or a multitude of possibilities. As expected, Academic Singles stays true to its minimalist principles. Only the most important functions are available. However, these functions are good and easy to use. Prospective partner suggestions are all good fits, they are of high quality and quantity. All good!


4. Customer friendliness

At Academic Singles almost all questions are answered in the detailed FAQs. These are easy to find and set up properly. However, a guide section about love and partnership is lacking.

4.1 Customer Service and Contact Options at Academic Singles

Unfortunately, customer service seems to play only a minor role at Academic Singles in Australia. It's not easy to find a practical contact channel.

The FAQs do not help here. You will find contact information only in the general contact section at the bottom of the page. There you will find an email address that can be used. A phone number is not available.

Although the customer service responded relatively quickly to a test request via email, Academic Singles gets a negative judgment for customer service from us. Contacting Academic Singles should be a whole lot easier.
Academic Singles contact details
  • E-Mail:
    customerservice [at]
  • Postal address:
    Academic Singles AU S.à.r.l.
    291, Route d'Arlon
    1150 Luxembourg

4.2 Membership Termination at Academic Singles

Academic Singles does not make it easy for you to terminate your membership. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in the industry to automatically renew your membership if you don’t cancel in time, even if cancellation is not easy. Academic Singles is no different in this respect. Minus points!

Caution: Do not forget to cancel your premium membership after you have found a partner! It is extended automatically.

Unfortunately you will have to write a letter or send a fax. The membership cannot be cancelled online.

How to cancel Academic Singles quick and easy:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby cancel my Academic Singles contract at the earliest date possible. Please send me confirmation of the termination, including the time of termination.

My email address: xxx

My ID: xxx

Best regards

And submit. Done!

Postad address:
Academic Singles AU S.à.r.l.
291, Route d'Arlon
1150 Luxembourg

Fax: +41 434302215

Reminder: Make sure to use the email address that is associated with your Academic Singles membership account and to mention your ID. You must be identifiable.

4.3 Academic Singles look&feel

A sleek and modern design makes using a dating service a pleasant experience. No cluttered interface and all buttons where they should be. Nicely done!

Conclusion Academic Singles customer friendliness: In terms of user-friendliness Academic Singles is not perfect. Although the usability of the website is fine, the lack of a customer service phone number and easy cancellation options are costing Academic Singles points. Still good!


5. Value-for-money ratio

In Australia, just like elsewhere, Academic Singles can be used in a meaningful way only with a premium membership. The reason is that basic communication functionality (messaging) is available only to premium members. The free registration, as with other online dating services, is useful only to give you a first impression of the service. If you are convinced the service is for you, you will have to start paying. We think that in principle that is alright, since Academic Singles needs to earn something, too. The price however should reflect what you get in return.

Remember: Do not forget to cancel your premium membership if you have found a partner.

Why take out a premium membership with Academic Singles?

Only as a premium member can you communicate with other users (send and read messages).

The premium membership includes:
  • Sending text messages and reading messages from other users
  • See who has visited your profile
  • View photos of partner recommendations
  • Add partner recommendations to favourites

How much does the Academic Singles premium membership cost in Australia?

Academic Singles costs:
  • 3 months membership: $54,90 per month
  • 6 months membership: $39,90 per month
  • 12 months membership: $24,90 per month
Conclusion Academic Singles value for money:

The price-performance ratio for Academic Singles is in our opinion the best among elite dating services in Australia. While the price is set high, this corresponds with the high level of service provided. The features are attractive and the partner proposals are superb. In particular, the results from the contact test were extraordinarily good, and justify the price of this service. All in all, with Academic Singles you are paying for a premium product.

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Love. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

Academic Singles summary

Reviewed brand: Academic Singles
Evaluated by:
Last update:
Overall rating: 9 / 10

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