Finding the love of your life means: find the right dating agency first. We can help you to find your perfect dating agency. We have analysed all the top players in Australia and ranked their performance across a wide range of factors including geographic spread of membership numbers and online reputation.

Choose one of our favourite dating agencies.

Dating agencies are set up to make money more than they are to help you find love, so be aware that you should not believe absolutely everything they tell you. Dating agencies will always be keen to imply that they have lots of members in your local area. The truth is sometimes otherwise, and it’s really worth putting in the time to do a little be of research before investing in one dating agency or another.

Recommended matchmaking sites

# 1: Academic Singles

for Love searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 900.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Popular among well educated singles
  • Part of a global dating company

Score: 9/10

in our Academic Singles review
64 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2: be2

for Love searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 400.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Leading matchmaking site
  • Not only elite singles

Score: 7/10

in our be2 review
44 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 3: EliteSingles

for Love searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 800.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Leading elite singles site in Australia
  • Heavy activity on the site

Score: 4/10

in our EliteSingles review
24 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 4: eharmony

for Love searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 1.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Save time and only get appropriate matches
  • Enjoy a service that is truly about love

Score: 3/10

in our eharmony review
16 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

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Finding the love of your life means: find the right dating agency first. We can help you to find your perfect dating agency. We have... (more)

All you need is love...

The World of Online Dating

Nowadays, online dating have become ingrained in the life of everyone, especially the younger generations. It is completely unsurprising to see couples-in-love and hear them talk about the time they first laid eyes on their partner, the moment that made them swipe right right away.

In this era of Tinder love affairs, almost everyone knows of a couple who has met using online dating services. Meeting your true love online, or using the internet to have sexual adventures, are not so taboo anymore.

However, it must be noted that the flirting online should not be considered a replacement for flirting offline or in real life. Single portals can be an excellent complement to meeting in the offline world. A text is great, but there is nothing that speaks more than a warm smile, touch or embrace. A video call or a chat could suffice as a great date but a kissing emoticon will never match the real thing.

Can Love be Directed?

Love is something that has been so romanticized by this world. It should be noted that while love is definitely a feeling and emotion, it is also sometimes a rational choice. Imagine why do some people who have just been arranged by their parents to get married manage to have more love in their household than those who underwent the usual stages of courtship? Love must arise, yes. But sometimes, conditions can also be manipulated in order to make love possible, if not uncontrollable. More importantly, love is a conscious and informed decision to be made not just in one definitive moment but everyday of our lives.

A famous scientist and psychologist in the name of Arthur Aron did a study on this phenomenon recently and it was republished in the New York Times. It describes how two strangers can fall in love based on a questionnaire, in which only 36 questions must be answered mutually by the strangers. It’s almost magic the way this very simple parameter was used to ensure that the strangers will fall in love.

The matchmaking industry works in a similar way using scientific methods to introduce and pair-up people that have a very high chance of fitting well with each other.  This makes it very easier, not to mention quicker, to meet someone with a higher chance of being compatible with you. Your other option is to ask these questions to the people you meet on the road everyday to see if they are your match but the online dating portals just take the time and effort to a minimum. The process of selection is strategically cut into a shorter amount of time because of these tests and because of these dating sites.

It is given that these studies and methods do not exactly give a 100% guarantee of success. (What does?) However, having these psychological knowledge within our reach already proves to become an advantage in increasing the chances of us finding a suitable mate within a shorter amount of time. Those things, plus the developments in connection, the internet and the online world, make dating less threatening and less a chore than it was for some before.

Tips in dealing with the Online Matchmaking Services

Test the Waters

Almost all reputable dating sites have an option to register for free at the start. This is one way of getting a feel of their website and seeing for yourself if you are a right fit with their site. We recommend that you always use this option. Thi s free option will usually not let you contact other members, though, so it is best used if you are really planning to become a paying member but are just “testing the waters” from your chosen sites first.

Be Genuine

The personality tests given by the dating agencies upon your registration should never be taken lightly. You should not fool around on this test (or make someone else take it!) as this test is the foundation for your journey in the world of online dating. They are the bases for matching you with suitable partners so if you do not answer truthfully, then there’s a greater chance that you won’t get the right match.  Be genuine and you will be rewarded with genuine connections as well.

Quality over Quantity

While complete profiles statistically receive more attention, you should be careful not to overdo it. There’s a thin line between a complete profile and a profile that says too much. Short but meaningful profiles are generally received better than filled-to-the-brim, wordy but shallow descriptions.

Observe Internet Etiquette

Netiquette (internet etiquette) should always be observed even, and especially, in dating sites. You wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression by sending a too direct contact form. Being respectful, polite and keeping a friendly, non-demanding tone is the best way to make the other person respond positively to your contact request.

However, as enjoyable your conversations might be in the portal, it is always best to schedule a timely personal meeting, too.