How do you spot fakes on online dating sites?

Where bona fide singles are hoping for the love of their life, usually scammers are also found, preying on their hopes. Fortunately fakes are usually not difficult to unmask. Pay attention to the following tips to distinguish fakes from genuine singles:
Read the terms and conditions of any online dating site before registering. Some providers use fake profiles (so called entertainers), to keep the paying customers happy.
If a profile is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.
If an unbelievably beautiful woman (yes fakes profiles are almost always female) seems to fall madly in love suspiciously quick and initiates contact aggressively, then you should be on alert.
The ultimate, infallible and foolproof indication of a fake profile is a demand for money. If the woman wants to continue the contact on a paid site or phone number, then it is almost certainly a fake profile. If a woman claims to need money for travel for the first date, then you will probably never see her. If her dog, her cat, her grandma or anyone else is stick, injured or is in any other emergency situation that requires immediate payment of large sums of money, then you should report the profile as fake, and invest your money and hopes elsewhere.