How do I behave in online dating as man?

Men are struggling with one fundamental problem in online dating. Our society has taught them that they can have anything they want. Hollywood movies and prime-time shows have taught them that they need to covet a woman just enough to conquer them. And then after registering, they are confronted with reality: women have the upper hand here. Demanding female singles are picky when online dating and aren’t willing to throw themselves at the male that yells the loudest.

The times when single women were forced sooner or later, to marry some man to not end up an old maid are long gone. That’s why men have to actually try, on the other hand they can’t just surround themselves with the typical macho clichés. There is no foolproof method that guarantees success at online dating for men, but there is a basic rule: Men should always communicate respectfully and signal that they are seriously interested in the woman they contact. So no clichés, no cheap lines, vulgar pickup attempts or nondescript mass mails.  Instead, explain why exactly you’re interested in this woman, ask questions and provide reasons for why you might be the right partner for them.