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Conclusion: Zoosk is one of the best major dating brands and is well liked and trusted around the world. Despite its longevity Zoosk has never compromised on its core values and customer friendly policies. We believe that Zoosk is still one of the best offers on the market.

Zoosk at a glance:


  • Advanced and easy to use behavioural matching system
  • Great reputation around the world
  • Friendly customer service policies (a trusted brand)
  • Great security features (profile verification)
  • Full range of search options


  • Too many features can make the user experience confusing.
  • Not all features are free

Our recommendation for more success

Zoosk is good fun to use and packed with features. You can see all of this for yourself, just by registering. Something you can do for free! And something that really doesn’t take much time at all. (especially if you’re happy to use your Facebook or google+) . So try before you buy. Sign up and see if you like Zoosk as much as we do. 

Zoosk numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 33 resulting conversations
  • 3 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio Zoosk

Member statistics

63% Women

37% Men
Female ratio at Zoosk

Suitability for Flirt

  • Top site for instant messaging local singles
  • Carousel quickly allows you to swipe matches

Suitability for Flirt

Local activity in Australia

  • Members in Australia: 1.000.000
  • Search trend: 175.000

Activity grade in Australia

1. Zoosk review: summary

Zoosk is a well-known and well establised brand that is the go-to solution for many singles across different age groups. It offers a tried and tested solution, but also a service that stays at the cutting edge with new features and mobile functionality.

The core of the service is a matchmaking system that gets to know you as you browse. The unique ‘behavioural matching system’ promises to improve your matches exponentially as you express your preferences through winking, messaging and liking.

Practical test and experienceNice profiles and a high level of contact responses. Our usage of the site was encouraging and suggested that there was a high level of activity and interest on the site
Functions: Some great functions on Zoosk. Almost too many! But a fun site that is very interactive. You could lose yourself for hours playing with all the different tools. We recommend sticking to the best ones like Smartpick and Insight.
User-friendliness: Customer friendly and well designed for ease of use and peace of mind. Zoosk scores especially well here in comparison to industry norms. Good site and decent level of service
Value for money: Zoosk offers a good service and high activity levels at what is a comparatively low price point. We like!


2. Zoosk Practical Test

The Zoosk experience test is based on thorough usage and exploration of the site. To produce a complete view of the product, two profiles were created, one male and one female. We then browsed all features on the site and conducted some first communications.

In addition, we checked Zoosk’s reputation online, looking at reviews and forums to get an idea how customers feel about the product. Can you really trust Zoosk? Will the service perform well in your area? -> we seek to answer these questions for you below.

First impressions

Zoosk has an appealing full screen landing page that, with its high quality of design, instantly reassures users that Zoosk is a major brand in the online dating world. This is no lie, as Zoosk remains one of the best established companies both for desktop and mobile dating.

Registration is available through Facebook and Google+ and is very simple to complete. There are a few basic questions about height and ethnicity and then the rest of the data, including your profile picture, is automatically imported (though you do have the option to change this later).

Picture: Profile view in Zoosk Search

Your first view of the platform after registration also gives a good impression. The platform is well laid out with the focus always on a new profile and the menu discreetly placed down the left hand side. It has a ‘social media’ style layout that is designed to appeal to all ages.

Number of members in your area test

Are there enough girls/guys on Zoosk in your area? To get an idea of how many members are available online on Zoosk we conducted a contact test. Dating sites come in many different shapes and sizes, but always the most important thing for the customer is how many contacts he or she makes. How many people get in touch and how many people respond to messages. Our contact test produces a score against this crucial metric for every site we review. Zoosk did very well in this test. There were plenty of members online and it looked like a good spread of members across the country. 

Registered as a man, we sent out 100 contact requests on Zoosk. This consisted of a mix of all the various ways of expressing interest on the site. For example, by messaging, 'liking', 'winking' and sending a gift. We received 35 responses of which 10 were winks and 25 were messages. This is a very respectable performance for men contacting women on dating websites and evidences a good level of active memebers on the service in Australia (the test was conducted in Melbourne).

Profile Quality

The quality of the profiles is generally high. Picture quality tends to be good and reflects a membership that looks fairly modern and computer literate. Most profiles also have a reasonably good level of information available. This is a lot to do with many accounts being linked to Facebook or google+ so that information is imported direct.

Profile tip: If your investing any time or money with Zoosk, make sure that you invest some time on making your profile count. Answer the questions, verify your profile and, most importantly, upload lots of good pictures! Time spent on these activities will not be time wasted!

Zoosk also has a range of Profile verification options that offer real security that the person you are looking at is genuine.

Fake profiles can be a problem for all dating services and often the test of a service is not whether they have fake profiles on their books, but how many. However, our impression of Zoosk was very positive in this regard. Zoosk has a really good system of profile checking (see features list below) and most of the profiles looked genuine to us. 

Conclusion Zoosk practical test: Overall Zoosk performed well. The interface and design of the site are very pleasing and functionally superb. In the contact test it appeared that large numbers of people are using the service and the profiles were of a really pretty high standard, looking genuine and attractive by and large.


3. Functions and profiles on Zoosk

What is unique about the Zoosk service? Zoosk’s core offer is its unique behavioural matching system. This is designed to learn about its customers as they browse through profiles and use the service. It makes the matching process very simple and many people will be happy enough just to use this as the basis of their search. However, Zoosk also provides a raft of other features that customers can use, if they wish. We have summarised our view of the most important ones:


The search function on Zoosk is not the centrepiece of the service. In fact Zoosk aims to provide you with matches that are suitable, without you having to actively search these out yourself or mess around with filters (the unique behavioural matching system should do it all for you). Nonetheless, Zoosk does cater for those who want to take more control and provides a search function with lots of options. Age and location, of course, but if you go to ‘advanced search’ these options extend to ethnicity, family status and more. Comprehensive.

The Carousel

The Carousel is a relatively new and more Tinder-like function. It offers a selected mix of pictures that you can either ‘like’, ‘dislike’ or ‘maybe’. Were not quite sure what value the ‘maybe’ button brings, but overall this is a fun feature and the easiest way to browse through your profiles. Top feature!

Communication Features

To match the high number of search functions, there are also a lot of communication features as well. To express your interest and get in touch with a match you can:

  • Wink
  • Like and maybe
  • Message
  • Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Send a gift

There are different permissions or payment requirements for different forms of communication. You can wink and like for free and to send a gift you need to accumulate sufficient credits (called coins), but to exchange message and chat, you do need to be a premium member.


Insight is a feature that allows you track how the unique behavioural matching system is recording your actions and defining your profile. It includes an analysis of the type of people you like, the type of people who like you and an overall score of your ‘dating style’. This is a great feature that produces interesting and useful facts about how you interact with the system. Some of it might surprise you!


Picture: mobile view of Carousel



Smartpick sends you through recommendations that are more specifically suited to you. It is a function that brings a bit more quality matchmaking to the Zoosk platform in parallel with the more standard ‘open database’ approach. These special matches are based on your completed profile questionnaire or, failing that, rely on the behavioural matching system to specifically select your dream profiles.

Picture: Smartpick on Zoosk

Profile Verification

There are a number of ways in which Zoosk seeks to verify the photos and profile information of its members. These include ‘Facebook verified’ - where the account is linked to an active facebook account, ‘phone verified’ - where the users have submitted a valid phone number and video verification - where the user has submitted a moving image to the Zoosk team to prove the photo used is theirs. This is a really great feature from Zoosk and provides a lot of reassurance that the people you are interacting with are real. Excellent feature.

Summary of Functions and Features on Zoosk: Zoosk almost has too many features and while some of them, like ‘insights’ and ‘photo verification’ are great, others such as ‘gifts’ are fairly pointless. While it’s great to have options, some customers are likely to get confused about which system they are using or what different actions mean. On the plus side, if you do take the time to really understand all of this, it gives you a lot to play with and a higher chance of getting the right set-up that can work for you.


4. Customer Friendliness

Customer friendliness is a very important issue with online dating sites. The extent to which dating sites respond to the concerns and problems their customers varies a great deal from one site to another. How easy is it to get in touch with customer services? How quickly do they respond to customer concerns. Does the site operate automatic renewal of subscriptions and how easy is it to cancel this?

Contacting Customer services on Zoosk

It is easy to get in contact with Zoosk through customer services. They offer both an e-mail and telephone number (a telephone number is quite rare) and response times are good. There is also a useful and comprehensive FAQs section on the Zoosk site. All these options can be accessed from their 'contact' page that you can access from all parts of the website. It is a link at the bottom and you can even get in touch before you register. We gave the number a call and got a call back the same day from our telephone inquiry.

Picture: Customer Care contact page on Zoosk

Termination at Zoosk

Zoosk subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you actively cancel the service. This is very common (almost universal) practice amongst dating companies so we don’t score Zoosk down for this fact.

What’s more Zoosk makes cancelling your subscription easy. Whereas some dating sites make customers go through lengthy processes to cancel, Zoosk allows its customers to do this at the touch of a button. A big plus point for Zoosk.

Service and Design on Zoosk

So Zoosk is nicely desgined, but a little on the complex side. It’s wealth of features makes it fun to explore and play with, but it also can be a little confusing for the user. In the end most customers just want to be able to simply browse through their matches and understand how the system works. Zoosk always gives you the feeling that there are options and features you haven’t fully explored. So while we liked the design and look of Zoosk, we would recommend you don’t try to use every single function. Some of them are pretty superfluous!

Mobile use Zoosk/The Zoosk App

Zoosk has a good mobile app that is considerably simpler and easier to use than the desktop site. We like sites that offer both good apps and desktop functionality. This allows you to use the service wherever you are, but also means that you can sit down and write messages using your PC and the comfort of a full sized keyboard. 

Summary of Zoosk's usibility: Zoosk scores very well on user friendliness. It is easy to get in touch with the company and they allow you to cancel your subscription simply and without unnecessary fuss. Their site is not as simply laid out as it could be, but it’s a nice design and overall we feel that the Zoosk website is relatively ‘pain free’. A good service.


5. Value for Money

Most dating services offer a free taster of their product, but to use the service properly and really make contact with other people you nearly always have to pay for a Premium Account. Zoosk is no exception and to communicate with your matches and contacts, you are going to have to pay a fee. We don't question the necessity of this. In the end customers always have to pay if they want to use a good service. Instead we focus on how Zoosk scores on a ‘value for money’ equation. Is it good value relative to other sites on the market?

Exclusive benefits of premium membership Zoosk

·         Unlimited write messages and read (absolutely necessary, includes chats)

·         See who has visited your own profile (useful)

·         Smartdate (necessary for serious dating service)

Premium Membership with Zoosk.

Zoosk Premium Membership is available in three main options*:

·         A 6 months subscription costs  $12.49 per month  (50% cheaper per month than the 1-month option)

·         A 3 months subscription costs  $19.95 per month

·         To sign up just for one month only costs  $31.95

*these prices were current at the time of writing, but may change

We recommend you go for the six month package. It’s a substantial up front cost, but once that’s out of the way you’ll be able to really relax and take your time to use the service well. A month may seem like a long time, but it’ll race past you and the savings on the twelve month pack are such that it is really not a lot more expensive.

Caution: Premium Membership will renew automatically unless you specifically instruct Zoosk otherwise. Luckily Zoosk makes this process easy, but make sure you do it before your subscription period is over.
Conclusion about Zoosk's value for money: Zoosk is good value compared to the other online dating services. Its a leading site with good features and friendly customer servoces but comes in at a price point considerably lower than many of its compteitors.Very good value for money.



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Zoosk summary

Reviewed brand: Zoosk
Evaluated by: au.dating-navigator.com
Last update:
Overall rating: 7 / 10

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