Looking for a flirt? Dating is a numbers game and to maximize your dating opportunities you need to find a website that has a large number of customers in your region. We provide insights into which providers have the best coverage across all regions and cities so that you can chose a service that is likely to have large numbers of in your locality.

Here are our top recommendations.

Dating has shifted massively within the last decade to become a principally online phenomena in the Western World. It is a transformative process that however much hacks write about it and friends discuss it, can barely be comprehended in the magnitude of its impact. After all, dating is life: The vast majority of us regard dating, love and romance as the top priority in our lives.

The best flirt sites:

# 1: Zoosk

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 1.000.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Top site for instant messaging local singles
  • Carousel quickly allows you to swipe matches

Score: 7/10

in our Zoosk review
33 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2: Asia Charm

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 700.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Easiest way to find a woman in Australia
  • Attractive women looking for love

Score: 5/10

in our Asia Charm review
23 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 3: RSVP

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 800.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Australia's most popular dating site
  • 2/3 of Australians online dates join RSVP

Score: 5/10

in our RSVP review
9 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 4: Tinder

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 800.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Currently the most popular Dating App
  • Very easy to use

Score: 5/10

in our Tinder review
4 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 5: Badoo

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 1.200.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • casual flirtations
  • easy meet-ups

Score: 4/10

in our Badoo review
12 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 6:

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in Australia: 1.000.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Meet people for relaxed flirting and fun
  • Flirt from the comfort of your PC

Score: 4/10

in our review
6 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

Dating categories


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Flirt and have fun together

Flirting is all about Having Fun

Nowadays, online dating is the first or second choice for singles of all ages to meet new people and find a suitable partner. Aside from online dating being too easy and trendy, it also has a reputation of producing quick and successful results.

It is no spectacle that Australian singles are becoming more engrossed with flirting online., Zoosk and Tinder are just some of the more known single portals allowing for the flirt and no-commitment-dates to take place and then see where it goes. The most important thing is to have fun while in this stage! It could lead to a long-term relationship, to falling in love or to becoming really good friends as the excitement really lies in not having an exact definition of the relationship right from the start. Basically, you just wait and see where it goes.

More than just a Member Database

Because of the proliferation of dating apps, users have now become more discerning and particular when it comes to choosing where to sign up.

It is now more than just a battle of which dating sites have more members and user profiles than the others. The dating sites have to have more than just a huge member database. They also need to be equipped with perfected search capabilities that allow for filtering or sorting based on interests, age, gender, personality, residence, etc.

Regular updates, tips on dating and finding a partner are just among some factors that completes a comprehensive offer.

The dating portals mentioned above are the ones that have done well based on our criteria. Only those who scored well in all categories mentioned below belong in the list.

Test Categories

The practical test

It wouldn’t be enough to just browse the sites. At Dating-Navigator, we implore practical tests where we test the dating and flirt sites using experiment profiles especially made for this. From these tests, we find out the chances of contact and if the overall experience is good or bad.

Features and Profiles

Of course, we also examine how diverse and effective the search and communication functions are. We check the site if it is only filled with fake profiles.

User friendliness

It examines how easy to use dating site or the dating app. Also verifies whether there is a customer service, how easy to access and the quality of work.


Are the results giving you your money’s worth?  Are the prices justified and do they fare well compared to their other competitors?

Frequently Asked Question: Why can’t we just use the free flirting apps?

Actually, you can! It just depends on your needs and whether or not they could be fulfilled by the usually more limited functions of the free flirting apps. There are now free flirting apps that are actually legitimate and function properly. This is great because it gives motivation to the other dating sites that charge its users to improve their services lest their users switch with the free flirting apps.

However, there are a few dangers to using the free flirting sites.

Maintenance of a website, its design, operation, technical needs and payment to its staff, like all things, costs money. Most likely, if sites and apps are functioning properly, they are spending money to maintain it. If they do not charge their clients, then they must be getting revenue from somewhere else. Upon our observations, free dating sites get their revenues from click-baits that we all hate. They get it from spam and suspicious advertisements that sometimes fool people into giving away their personal details. They sometimes also subject our gadgets to malware and viruses. The general rule is to be wary of these dubious sites. There is also the danger of these sites selling your personal data. Of course, not all free dating sites will fool you or spam your inbox with sales pitches just as much as not all paid sites will NOT spam you or shower you with advertisements!

Dating-Navigator recommends only those which are reputable, regardless if they are paid or free. Nonetheless, according to our experience, quality often comes with a price.

The most important thing to remember when using the paid sites is to have a secure payment method and to always double-check where you input your payment details.

The prices vary for the datings sites and flirt apps but they mostly depend on these factors:

Scope of Service

Like in hotels, different types of rooms cost different amounts. The deluxe, premiere, executive suite rooms are not priced the same as each other. The prices for dating sites depend on what are inclusive for the type of service you want to avail.

Period of Service

How long do you intend to be registered to the site? As a general rule, wholesale is cheaper than retail- meaning that the monthly cost for three months will usually cost you higher than the monthly cost for six months.

Quality of Service

Just like in bags, those with more durable leather, sophisticated quality in design and higher level of craftmanship will cost higher than the mass-produced cheap synthetic leather ones. The price depends on the quality of service of the dating site and its provider. The more reputable and established ones usually cost higher than those who are just introducing themselves to the market.

Dating-Navigator includes all the details about the dating sites’ prices and whether or not they are good value for your money. If it’s worth the splurge and if the prices are justified or not, you could count on us to tell you!