Do I need to use different pictures for apps than for online dating services?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… The beauty of online profile pictures does as well, because depending on how and where he or she looks at it, makes it appear completely different. Some things of course will depend on personal preferences, but in some aspects, you should customize the profile photo for the platform.
In a dating app that is primarily or exclusively mobile, you should, for example, ensure that the profile picture is still clearly visible even in a small size. Ideal is a close up of the face, with a quiet background, but an eye-catching splash of color that distinguishes your image and makes it stand out. Beware of supposedly original photos that try too hard to look “cool”. If in doubt, just google your planned profile picture (for example „man with tiger“) and check to see if anyone has already made fun of exactly that (in the form of the very funny Tumblr “Tinder guys with tigers”).