Are free online dating services worth it?

Online dating as the name indicates, takes place on the internet, so of course there are ways of doing it for free. However, there are several reasons to not do so:
If the product doesn’t cost anything, you are the product. This motto of online business means that you will somehow have to pay even for services and products that don’t cost any money. With free dating services you either have to put up with advertisement or accept that your own data is being traded.
You get what you pay for. This applies not only to the quality of the free online dating service, but mainly the attitudes of the singles that use them. When use and registration is free, many more carelessly designed profiles and inactive users can be found.
Cheap dating site = cheap singles? Although this equation has exceptions, it can be assumed in general, that singles who are willing to invest a certain amount of money into an online dating site are more serious in their search for a partner.