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Conclusion: Lisa18 is the younger, bolder and more lascivious offshoot of the market leader in casual dating, C-date. The portal is especially directed toward a younger clientele who wants to have a shot at sex! And since Lisa18 has partial access to the C-date database, Lisa18 is also one of the truly large sex dating portals in Australia!

Lisa18 at a glance:


  • Young, wild, cheeky and sexy
  • High member count, as Lisa18 has partial access to C-date contacts
  • Ideal for sex dates with no strings attached
  • Free for women


  • Men have to subscribe in order to send messages
  • Spontaneous sex dates rarely work

Our recommendation for more success

Not all men registered decide to sign up for a Premium subscription. If you are prepared to pay up a few dollars, you are definitely included in the select circle of Lisa18 users and have access to a multitude of women who want NSA sex.

Lisa18 numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 18 resulting conversations
  • 2 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio Lisa18

Member statistics

46% Women

54% Men
Female ratio at Lisa18

Suitability for Adventure

  • Casual dates nearby
  • Popular among young singles

Suitability for Adventure

Local activity in Australia

  • Members in Australia: 700.000
  • Search trend: 50.000

Activity grade in Australia

1. Lisa18 AU review: summary

Lisa18 belongs to the same company that also manages C-date and is supposed to come off as somewhat bolder, younger and sexier than its older and more well-known sister project.

In the Lisa18 test we wanted to figure out whether this younger orientation of Lisa18 works and how quickly a user can meet nice women interested in no-strings-attached sex. We will thoroughly examine the Lisa18 profiles and examine the cost-benefit ratio based on our results from the field trial.

Practical test and experience: The Lisa18 test quickly made it apparent that on Lisa18, the air is rife with a lot of thrilling eroticism, and primarily sex. Lisa18 members are not interested in finding a partner and desire many new sexual experiences to broaden their horizons! If you set up a proper profile and do not come off as a total arse in your communication with women, you may enjoy a broad spectrum of eroticism on Lisa18. The women of Lisa18 all want sex, but may still want to be ensnared and conquered!
Functions: For discretion purposes, Lisa18 does not make it possible to openly search for other members. Based on your profile information, the Lisa18 algorithm searches through every contact behind the scenes and automatically suggests new matching contacts every day. So that you are shown the contacts that match you, information on sexual preferences in particular plays a large role in determining compatibility.
User-friendliness: Registration on Lisa18 is quick, and the profile settings (e.g. defining the types of erotica) leave you wanting more, because Lisa18 works with a lot of erotic imagery. Rather less user-friendly are the cancellation procedures. In order to leave Lisa18, you must submit a written letter of cancellation. This may be done either through the post or fax. Unfortunately it is not possible to simply leave Lisa18 online!
Value for money: We are very happy with the young, bold and wild alignment of Lisa18. Lisa18 boasts many members interested in sexual adventures with no strings attached. Some of the C-date members specifically compatible with Lisa18 also show up as suggested contacts on Lisa18. For a price, you thus receive the best of both worlds on the Lisa18 platform!


2. Lisa18 AU Snapshot Test

When you arrive at the Lisa18 page you quickly realise what is up. Lisa18 is definitely not the right singles market if you want to fall head over heels in love. This is exclusively about unbridled fun between two people.

Lisa18 appears young and lascivious. With our Lisa18 test we want to see what members can be found here, and how quickly Lisa18 users are prepared to embark on a sex date. The test was scheduled for six months, and our field report summarises the most important Lisa18 experiences.  

Open search is not allowed – contacts are suggested

If you have experience with other customary dating sites, one of Lisa18's features will be new to you. Namely, there is no classic search with which you can look for members based on information you enter. One reason for this is certainly the fact that sex dating far more contentious in terms of discretion than the normal search for a partner for a serious relationship.

Based on your profile information, your profile will be compared with other Lisa18 profiles behind the scenes and the system will automatically suggest contacts who, from a sexual standpoint, are compatible with you. In order to conduct this sexual matching you must first have defined your erotic preferences upon registering with Lisa18.

As a new member you are immediately presented with new contacts to whom you can write directly. After that, the Lisa18 system will supply you with more contacts every day.

Picture: Matches on Lisa18

Every day following our registration we received at least one new contact suggestion. However, we often received two or three new sexual contacts daily.

So as not to lose time, we sent messages directly to the ten contacts who had been suggested to us at the beginning. The message read:

Hello [Lisa18 username], I think we could be good together. We appear to have the same sexual interests. Aside from that I am open, happy to experiment and curious about new things. Please tell me a little more about yourself. What do you want from a Lisa18 date? Best

The first sex date after 14 days

Within 24 hours we received three replies to the message we had sent out. The other seven women did not reply. That is a shame indeed, but we were able to concentrate that much more on the three woman whose interest we had apparently been able to pique.

At first the conversations were a tad "flirty". Generally the first matter at hand was to sound out some conditions. The women wanted to know if we are in a relationship, and how often we had met with Lisa18 women previously. However, with one of the women we were quickly engaged in a loose and even profound conversation. It became clear quite soon that this would result in a meeting. After a few days we briefly spoke with the woman on the phone, and our meeting finally came on one of the following weekends.

Throughout the tests we tried more frequently to arrange a sex date on the same day, as a best case scenario. Sadly this never came to pass, and is not worth the effort. Save your energy for the actual sex date. Many women are initially cautious and give themselves a few days before meeting. That is how it is, and with such sex dating one should simply "accept" this.

Lisa18 women want to be seduced...

Before you dive into a sex dating adventure, we would like to give you one very important note for the road so that you can enjoy maximum success with Lisa18.  

If you go on the hunt with Lisa18, you should have completely understood that you are to take on the role of seducer. All women on Lisa18 desire sex, but they will only open up to men who treat them like ladies. Clumsy approaches and condescending statements will certainly lead you right past your goal.

Even with a purely sex dating platform, such as you will find with Lisa18, women like to feel as though they are being seduced. Even though they are looking for sex, the sex will "just happen" because you seduced her. If you act according to this rule, Lisa18 will definitely be fun for you!

Furthermore, we advise that you do not get your hopes up of meeting super models here. Women on Lisa18 are natural and sexy, but not all of them would make it into the top 10 on Australia's Next Top Model. If you are satisfied with the young "girl next door", then by all means you should try Lisa18.

Lisa18 success rate

In the following breakdown we give you insight into our contact test statistics. For purposes of the Lisa18 tests we experimented with numerous initial messages to see if the first message truly plays a role on a sex dating site. If you look at the numbers, you will quickly see that optimisation in this area is certainly worth it!

Picture: Analysis of the contact test on Lisa18 in Australia

Conclusion Lisa18 AU Experience Test: Lisa18 is actually a sex dating site as people like it. Many young, motivated and sexually open people want to go crazy on Lisa18 before they eventually (re-)enter a serious relationship. Men who can behave and who know how to truly treat a woman will score here. However, they should still manage their expectations: Most Lisa18 women would not win the next Top Model competition! However, they radiate a natural beauty.


3. Features on Lisa18 AU

We have already pointed out that Lisa18 does now allow you to simply browse through the database to come across the "right" sex dating partner. The system behind Lisa18 is designed to send you compatible sex contact suggestions. The individual suggestions are primarily compared with your sexual preferences and desires.

Each new user is given ten compatible suggested matches to start with. Additional suggestions follow as you use the site. Generally new contacts await you in your inbox every day.

How erotic are the Lisa18 profiles?

While they set up their profiles, every Lisa18 user is asked to state their personal erotic preferences. To do this, they must merely select five favourites from many erotic images. Based on their decisions the Lisa18 system creates an erotic profile that forms the basis for the daily contact suggestions.

Picture: Define your own "Erotic Type" game on Lisa18

Along with the erotic preferences you can also provide general information on your physical features such as weight, hair and eye colour, or profession.

Of course, every profile contains pictures as well. As a free member, however, you are only given limited access. If you do not pay you will only see a blurred version of the images. This also serves to protect the privacy of the Lisa18 members. This ensures that only men who are serious about sex with Lisa18 are granted access to the women's profiles.

In addition, many women have hidden multiple pictures in a private album. Yet you only get to view these images if you are engaged in a conversation with the women and she has decided to grant you access.

Need anyone be concerned about fakes on Lisa18?

The question of fakes in online dating is nothing new. Especially with sex dating, users often wonder if and how authentic the individual member profiles are.

But we can now rest assured: The company that manages Lisa18 will not present you with any fakes. The customer service of Lisa18 strives to identify fake accounts promptly. Members are asked to report any suspicion of fakes to customer service, so that they can act immediately to protect all other members.

Upon reading the previous statement, however, you know that fakes can certainly be found on Lisa18. Fakes we encountered on Lisa18 were usually freeloaders who wanted to use Lisa18 to tout other commercial sex services. These fakes are usually advertising escorts or special webcam communities for adults.

To protect yourself from fakes, all you need to do is be aware. If you are sensitised to the fact that there can be fakes here, it is entirely sufficient to retain common traits of fakes in the back of your mind. Generally fakes will attempt to lure you to other portals to continue the conversation there. If that is the case, you had better exercise caution.

Furthermore, it helps to not be excessive in defining your erotic preferences and listing your sexual desires. The more they deviate from the mainstream, the more likely it is that you will encounter fakes. There are not many women who would offer themselves up as sex slaves in public.

Summary of Functions and Features on Lisa18 AU: The Lisa18 platform is perfectly suited for finding a compatible sex partner. Selecting your sexual preferences helps the Lisa18 system test for compatibility. An actual search for members is not allowed, although the contact suggestions are abundant and show up regularly. Fake profiles may appear, but the pattern is always the same. Keep away from women with financial interests. Normal Lisa18 users offer, and are looking for, free sex.


4. Lisa18 AU User Friendliness

Registering with Lisa18 is more fun than on many other dating sites. You are led through the 6-step registration process with hot, erotic images. Your desire to become a member of Lisa18 increases with every click.

Picture: Choose your preferred sexual desires on Lisa18 in Australia

First you state what specific experiences you are looking for on Lisa18. The options are sex hook-ups with singles, sex games, threesomes, watching, group sex and a longer relationship. Once you have defined the primary objectives of your Lisa18 membership, select the gender you are looking for, and in the following steps state where you are from, how old you are and what physical features (height, hair and eye colour, etc.) you find attractive.

You can edit and supplement all information you have entered upon registration at any time. When you are logged in, for instance, you can also specify the region in which you are looking for sex partners. The region of your residence is selected innately, but you may also add up to 4 additional regions.

In the "About Me" section, you may also provide additional information about yourself and your personality. For instance, you may highlight three character traits (e.g. romantic, dominant or optimistic) and you can also state which of your own body parts you like the most. There are a total of 15 possible answers (including your smile, your hands, your eyes, your breasts or lips).


Picture: Registration flow on Lisa18 Australia

Before you get to flirting on Lisa18, it is also advised to take a closer look at the erotic preferences. You are able to articulate your sexual fantasies through images.

Careful when cancelling Lisa18 membership: Only possible in writing!!

We essentially remember Lisa18 as a customer-friendly dating platform. We had a lot of fun while registering and even more fun while we used it. Not only because we truly liked many Lisa18 members, but also because the entire experience of using the platform is very positive.

Yet when it comes to leaving Lisa18, you should exercise some caution. If you do not submit your cancellation in writing, you will not withdraw from the contract. In order for Lisa18 to accept your cancellation you must either send them a letter or work with a fax machine. That is rather old school, and definitely time consuming.

It is a shame that we have to deduct points from Lisa18 in this regard, but the cancellation process for the customer could have been made more convenient. After we submitted our Lisa18 cancellation in writing, there were no problems. The customer service was quick and friendly. Confirmation of the cancellation was also prompt.

Lisa18 Contact

Postal address
Interdate S.A.
Lisa18 Australia
291, route d'Arlon
LU-1150 Luxemburg

00352 26 30 26 97


Summary of User Friendliness at Lisa18 AU: The Lisa18 platform does a very good job of leading the customer through the platform. The normally complication registration process is also very conveniently designed on Lisa18. Customer service is fast, friendly and competent. All questions can be answered to your fullest satisfaction. However, cancellation is only possible via fax or post. Other forms of cancellation are not accepted by the creators of Lisa18.


5. Is Lisa18 AU value for money?

For its relatively short time on the market, Lisa18 has gained an impressive position. This lesser-known sex dating platform is focused on a rather younger clientele than C-date. There appears to be a great need in terms of sex dating in this demographic.

Anybody who registers with Lisa18 can benefit twice over. You receive access to a multitude of original Lisa18 members, and Lisa18 also partially draws on a pool of eligible C-date members. With one ticket you are thus able to have a delicious cake and eat it, too.

The costs of Lisa18 are not cheap, but in light of the fact that you receive access to around three million members seeking sex by using the platform, even the greatest doubters are convinced.

In order to use Lisa18 properly you must elect for a fee-based membership. The current packages are staggered as follows:

  • 3 months Lisa18: $39.95 / month
  • 6 months Lisa18: $29.95  / month
  • 7 days Lisa18: $1 (with 1 month renewal  / period of notice 1 day}

By subscribing to a Premium membership you receive a contact guarantee from Lisa18. This means that within the time period purchased, you will receive at least the promised rate of contacts, or else Lisa18 will refund you for the amount paid.

Depending on the duration, Lisa18 guarantees the following number of contacts:

  • 3 months of Lisa18 membership: 5 guaranteed contacts
  • 6 months of Lisa18 membership: 15 guaranteed contacts
  • 12 months of Lisa18 membership: 30 guaranteed contacts
Conclusion: Is Lisa18 AU worth the cash? The costs of Lisa18 are fair, but not very affordable. The high number of members and extensive activity throughout the platform certainly justify the stated costs. Our verdict: For one lump price, you receive the best of two worlds here. Lisa18 and C-date.

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Adventures. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

Lisa18 summary

Reviewed brand: Lisa18
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Overall rating: 8 / 10

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