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While the dating services are there to help you find your match, we are here to help you find the one who will help you get matched.

With the countless dating sites today, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and to make the wrong choice, OR worse, to not make any choice at all. After all, isn’t it true that the presence of too many choices lead us to inaction? We’re here to make you take that step and action. By telling you what are the reputable and effective dating services based on experiences of real users, we limit your choices to just the best ones in the industry.
WE share this knowledge and findings to online daters. As analysts of online dating sites for numerous years, we have created a system that allows for a comprehensive analysis of the sites, testing not just their security and reliability but also whether they really lead users to their suitable partners.


These are our top picks for matchmaking sites in Australia:

# 1: Academic Singles

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in Australia: 900.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Popular among well educated singles
  • Part of a global dating company

Academic Singles Overview

Last update: 13.04.2021
Wow! On Academic Singles we got to know a lot of well educated single people (elite singles) in a short time. This excellent Australian dating ...

Score: 9/10

for Academic Singles
64 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

# 2: be2

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in Australia: 400.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Leading matchmaking site
  • Not only elite singles

be2 Overview

Last update: 13.04.2021
We find be2 to be an excellent service! The site attracts fun and interesting singles who are looking for a meaningful relationship. Each user ...

Score: 7/10

for be2
44 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

# 3: EliteSingles

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in Australia: 800.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Leading elite singles site in Australia
  • Heavy activity on the site

EliteSingles Overview

Last update: 13.04.2021
ELITESINGLES is a dating service mainly targeting well educated, ambitious and interesting singles in Australia. The dating site matches its ...

Score: 4/10

for EliteSingles
24 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

# 4: eharmony

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in Australia: 1.000.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Save time and only get appropriate matches
  • Enjoy a service that is truly about love

eharmony Overview

Last update: 14.04.2021
eHarmony is the service that saves you time by introducing you only to people you are suited to. It is a serious matchmaking site that promises ...

Score: 3/10

for eharmony
16 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

Our Expertise: Online Dating

Dating-Navigator Australia provides helpful, practical and comprehensive advice for online daters in Australia. We evaluate the sites for you so you do not waste time trying them all.

After all, not dating sites are created equally. Especially with the many different types of relationships nowadays, it is crucial to find a portal where you are seeking the same thing with the other members.

The expertise and experience of Dating-Navigator in the Australian online dating jungle will help you get through it alive…. hopefully with your very own mate.

We thoroughly test every dating site and every dating app for your specific needs. More information on Australian Dating Navigator here

All dating and services and apps are thoroughly being tested

Love? Flirt? Adventure?

If the shoe fits…

The dating site for you depends on your purpose, your motivation and your current needs. Here at Dating-Navigator, we categorize the Australian dating sites and apps in three general categories because not every site is suitable for your hunt.

If the shoes depend on what fits the feet, what more for your dating needs?

The three most important single portal categories are as follows:

LOVE: Matchmaking Services

Are you looking for Love and a possible long-term commitment? Are you looking for more than just a one-night stand and a string of hook-ups? Are you looking for someone who you might want to dream and live the white-picket-fence-dream with?

Then the matchmaking agencies are the perfect aids for your search of a serious relationship!

When it comes to love and the quest for a more serious relationship, hopefully a permanent one at that, you should look for an online matchmaking service specializing in this category.

Intentions of users of this category are clear from the start, and it is not to fool around for short-term fun, but to meet and date with the hopes of eventually falling in love and having a long-term relationship. Matchmaking agencies have filtering systems in place to find the best suitable partner and the best possible relationship from their pool of members. They are matched not only based on superficial basis like looks or likes and dislikes but using in-depth scientifically-backed personality tests for compatibility.

These services are usually the more premier class in the online dating sphere. Accuracy is higher in these types of services and there is a higher chance of success. eHarmony or EliteSingles are outstanding examples of matchmaking services in Australia.

FLIRT: Flirting Apps and Sites

Are you not yet sure if you want more than just enjoyable company? Are you just testing out the waters to see what you really like in a partner? If you are in the search for a non-committal relationship and someone to date and flirt with without pressure and expectations, then the single portals and dating apps are for you and we will help you narrow down your choices.

In Australia, and probably all-over the world, Match.com is the largest and best known provider of this category.

With the younger crowd, the relatively newer apps like Tinder, RSVP and Zoosk are enjoying increased popularity. Because of these apps, anyone could flirt from anywhere with just the use of their smartphones. Aside from being mobile and accessible, because these are newer developments, they also have more modern mechanisms in place that make the flirting experience more appealing and fun.

ADVENTURE: Casual Dating Sites and Portals

If you do not want to beat around the bush, or are done flirting but want some erotic adventures, then we will show you worthwhile casual dating portals and apps where people are looking for the same thing.

Adventure is specifically for those looking for casual dating sites, or someone to have erotic adventures without expectations and obligations from the other party. Since Casual dating is becoming more and more common in Australia, these sites focus on connecting users who want sex but do not want the strings attached to it, such as feelings, commitments and expectations.

Examples of casual dating sites popular in Australia are AdultFriendFinder, BeNaughty or C-date.

Casual dating, like sex, is not just exclusively for men. Women are also becoming more open in using these casual dating sites and services to get them non-committal but sexual relationships from men who catch their eyes. Both sexes are now very open in fulfilling their erotic dreams without the baggage and complications of a long-term relationship.

Dating categories


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Sound Tests

Dating-Navigator provides significant comparisons of dating sites and flirt apps. The team tests out all these portals using the carefully-chosen criteria detailed below. This is not to provide you with just the basic pros and cons but to provide authentic and realistic result comparisons so you could choose the best dating app for you.

Contact test

Aside from the quantity and quality factors we give importance to, we also give utmost priority to the contact test. The “contact test” is a parameter we use to determine the level of difficulty of connecting with other members. The real purpose of online dating, anyway, is to connect with your prospective dates easily and at a faster time compared to offline and traditional dating methods. We recommend browsing through the contact tests of the sites so you could get a good feel of the differences and to help you choose based on these differences.

From here, you could decide your non-negotiables in a dating app and choose the best type for your needs. Obviously, the contact test will give you concrete evidence and data to help you decide and gain a higher success rate but your success is still dependent on other factors such as the effectiveness of your profile, among others.

In one glance, the summary of our analyses could provide you a thorough understanding and comparison of these dating sites.

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Tips
  • Success rate
  • Membership statistics
  • Suitability for either flirt, love or adventure purposes
  • Level of activity in Australia

Our reports will give you the lowdown on each of these categories in detail.

We rank these sites using comprehensive and extensive reports of each dating portal.

The criteria we use for ranking the sites are the following:

  • Practical test and experience with test profiles
  • Features and profiles
  • User- friendliness
  • Cost-effectiveness/Value for Money

Why there is no such thing as a free lunch: Free vs Paid Sites

Why can’t we just use the free flirting apps?

Actually, you definitely can! It just depends on your needs and whether or not they could be fulfilled by the usually more limited functions of the free flirting apps. There are now free flirting apps that are actually legitimate and function properly. This is great because it gives motivation to the other dating sites that charge it users to improve their services lest their users switch with the free flirting apps.

Free Sites are more prone to Spam

(And no, we do not mean the canned meatloaf product)

There are a few dangers associated to using the free flirting sites.

Maintenance of a website, its design, operation, technical needs and payment to its staff, like all things, costs money. Most likely, if sites and apps are functioning properly, they are spending money to maintain it. If they do not charge their clients, then they must be getting revenue from somewhere else. Upon our observations, free dating sites get their revenues from click-baits that we all hate. They get it from spam and suspicious advertisements that sometimes fool people into giving away their personal details. They sometimes also subject our gadgets to malware and viruses. The general rule is to be wary of these dubious sites. There is also the danger of these sites selling your personal data. Of course, not all free dating sites will fool you or spam your inbox with sales pitches just as much as not all paid sites will NOT spam you or shower you with advertisements!

Paying for something makes you Value it more

Also, based on our findings, those members who do not pay fees for the use of the app has shown less seriousness and take their search for a partner very lightly as opposed to those who pay for membership fees. We compare it to those who pay gym memberships and training sessions in advance compared to those who just pay at the door whenever they want to workout.  Naturally, those who paid high membership costs who cannot take their money back anymore are more likely to visit the gym more than those who have not paid. Just as paying for gym membership motivates you to take your workouts seriously, paying for a dating site membership will motivate you to take your search for dates and matches more seriously as well.

Free single portals also have their price

Free single portals also cost you but they are just not upfront about it.

As mentioned earlier, there is not such thing as a free lunch. It might look free because you do not pay any fees but maybe the price you have to pay is not monetary in nature.

As said a while ago, operation of websites, apps and other sites cost money, from the payment for the server, maintenance, customer support, etc. This means that even the free dating sites must make revenue. We haven’t heard of any dating site as a charity program receiving grants from international institutions. That is why it gets revenue from advertising. The main difference in terms of look for free and paid sites are the abundance of advertisements, click-baits and spam plastered on the free sites.

Aside from these seemingly mundane things, some free sites also suddenly request for payment from you so you could respond to a person, just when you are already getting to know him or her! Naughty tactics like these will not go unscrutinized by our team.

That said, the Dating-Navigator team is here to let you in on the best free dating sites along with the best paid ones. Obviously, we recommend more paid dating sites because they have proven to become more effective and valuable but we also have a list of the reputable free ones for you.